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Timeline Tuesday … 1900s

Today’s ‘Timeline Tuesday’ takes us through the 1900s – Young Brothers formed, Moana Hotel opens, Dole organizes Hawaiian Pineapple Company and UH starts. We look at what was happening in Hawai‘i during this time period and what else was happening around the rest of the world.

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Ammo Tunnels

As WW II approached, portable storage units were replaced with extensive underground rooms and tunnels for ammunition storage at many locations on O‘ahu. One worker commented that the Engineers had built so many tunnels, if placed end to end the entrance would be at Koko Head, the exit at Moanalua.

At the onset of World War II, the Army was importing ammunition in huge quantities, requiring construction of ammunition storage facilities. Small facilities were built above ground, but the bulk of the ammunition was stored in massive underground storage facilities. Tunnel complexes were built, including Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Field, Fort Shafter and Fort Ruger.

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John Rudolph Slattery

John Rudolph Slattery graduated fifth in his class at West Point Class in 1900. Typical for a new engineer officer, after graduation, Slattery was assigned to the Philippines to work on bridges and roads. Within a couple of years he was living and working in Honolulu.

On April 15, 1905, Slattery opened the first Honolulu Engineer District office in the Alexander Young Building on Bishop Street – this marked the birth date of the Honolulu Engineering District for the Army Corps. Slattery’s duties were divided between land acquisition and lighthouse matters. The bridge to Sand Island is named for him.

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