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Aloha Amusement Park

The “official” opening of Aloha Amusement Park on Kalākaua Avenue in Waikīkī was September 14, 1922. (Although the American Legion held a 4th of July carnival there as its first use (even though the park was not completed, they used the partially completed facility for the celebration.)) Reportedly, the Advertiser described it as “another laurel to the wreath of Honolulu’s progressiveness.”

The reception was not all good. Apparently, the Outdoor Circle and many residents called it an “atrocious ballyhoo bazaar”. There were complaints of commercialization of Waikīkī. Running into financial difficulties, the Park went into bankruptcy in 1924. New investment came in and the park was renamed Waikiki Park. It is believed the park lasted until the 1930 Depression.

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