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Ala Loa

Although the canoe was a principal means of travel in ancient Hawai‘i, extensive cross-country trail networks enabled gathering of food and water and harvesting of materials for shelter, clothing, medicine, religious observances and other necessities for survival.

Ancient trails, those developed before western contact in 1778, facilitated trading between upland and coastal villages and communications between ahupua‘a and extended families. Over time, as needs and technology changed, the trails evolved to address these changes.

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Hoʻokena i ka laʻi … Hoʻolu ʻia no Hoʻokena Ho`oheno ana i ka mana`o Na kupa o ka `aina Hoʻolu i ka maka o ka

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Each island was divided into several moku (districts,) of which there are six in the island of Hawaiʻi, and the same number in Oʻahu. There

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Maui Alaloa

The canoe was a principal means of travel in ancient Hawaiʻi. Canoes were used for inter-village coastal and interisland travel, while trails within the ahupuaʻa

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